A Great Opportunity is Coming to You!

Are you ready to bring new people to your business? We are here to help. By partnering with Which Craft Art Studio we invite our customer’s to try your venue!

Venue Opportunity

We are looking for venues to partner with. No fee is charged by us, instead we invite people to our events held at your venue. People that may not know about your place, sign up for Paint Night Events and come ready to eat and drink.

Did you know that 75% of our customers choose a venue that they’ve never been to before? They are ready to come and try something new, and then they return again and again. Through our partnership, we can reach people from both of our customer bases efficiently and drive business within our local community. We provide you with our marketing material and we will showcase your venue on our website, social media and email campaigns. WIN! WIN!

Sign up TODAY to be the New Paint Night Venue!

What We Are Looking For

An open room with good sight lines. The ability to seat 20-30 people.

A dedicated server. We encourage our customers to arrive early to order food and drinks.

Help to promote our events with your marketing material, both online and in-venue.

A Few Things to Consider

Which day of the week works best for you?

How many people can you accommodate?

Would you be able to host private events?

*All suggestions are welcome in order to facilitate a positive partnership!

Prior to Your First Event

Before your first event, we take the time to walk-through the event space with you and discuss any particulars you may have. We are happy to adapt our set up routines to suit your venues specific needs.

We have selected supplies that are easy to clean up, they are designed to keep any chance of accidents to a minimum. Throw away table cloths, small cups for rinse water, sturdy plates and plenty of paper towels. We are meticulous about cleanliness. All supplies are well sanitized before each event.

We encourage your managers and staff to point out any concerns they may have with our presence in your venue. We will take care of those concerns ASAP.